Now is the time to finish up old tasks

...or so my fortune cookie told me while eating dinner tonight. And the funny thing is, that statement has been on my mind for the past three hours. My life is full of loose sides waiting to be tied, things unfinished waiting to be completed, frayed ends needing to be put together. And beginning with tonight, I'm going to finsih up my old tasks.

This weekend has been uneventful, but not in a bad way. Friday was spent with a few friends, no girls, no crowd, no troubles. About five or six of us went to dinner and just hung around my house for the night. And today, I did nothing. Literally, nothing. Despite going to the best Chinese restaurant in the universe, Far East, I did an incredibly little amount of anything. But I'm not depressed, and a recent understanding with some old friends has definitely helped.

Well, despite some minor delays, here are the (few) pictures of this weekend...


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