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Five reasons why February 2005 was worth living:

-Rediscovering The Ramones
I had always viewed The Ramones as a band of simple songs, a straight message, and nothing more than average music. But only as of this month did I discover why the band is considered to be so innovative and extraordinary. Every song of The Ramones is honest. Their music isn't pretentious, it isn't obtuse, it simply contains an indescribable personable aspect and an energy that seems contagious with each listening. A thank you to The Ramones, for saying what they wanted to, how they wanted to say it.

-Irving Feldman's poetry
I had never heard of Feldman as I stumbled across his collected works while looking for books at Barnes and Noble several weeks ago. The photo on the cover attracted me to the collection, and I began to browse through it out of curiousity. From the first poem that I read, Elegies, I was in awe. I spent the next forty-five minutes reading the marvelous book and since then I have continued to flip through it the entire month.

-Thoughts of Brendon and Ashley
There are some unique people that I've met who pocess an ability to stay with you long after being with them. They seem to have a sort of undefinable characteristic that leaves joy with their company long after they've departed. I don't know how to describe it, but with every thought of them, I am content, so here's to Brendon and Ashley for making me happy even when you guys are not around.

-The Modest Mouse concert

-Saturday mornings in my front yard
For the past month, my friends and I have spent Saturday mornings outside my house relaxing, with nothing to do. There's just something about taking it easy, doing nothing, away from it all, with nothing to care about. These mornings are usually consumed with simply a frisbee, some music, and time to kill . Words can't explain the mood of these mornings, but after Friday nights of being with crowds, the arguments, the confusion, these mornings are a time of simplicity and solace that have become one of the highlights of February 2005.

songs of 2/05:
matt pond pa- lily two
say hi to your mom- pop music of the future
bright eyes- hit the switch
pernice brothers- baby in two
modest mouse- heart cooks brain
death cab for cutie- blacking out the friction

picture of 2/05:


Blogger meaghan said...

my best friend likes the ramones, but i haven't heard much of them. i know what you mean about the presence of friends being with you after they have left. i have a couple like that. i want to go to a modest mouse concert so bad, but they have already been in nashville and i wasn't really into them at the time, but now i deeply regret it. i love hanging out ouside in my friend's front yard when the weather is awesome.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Lola said...

hi ben... do you have a profile? hey, who are you? My name is Lola and I like to read blogs because I'm nice. What about you?

Oh yeah... and I love my friends.

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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