The Golden Globes, and, an epiphany as to why I am so weary

Tonight, by total accident, I stumbled upon the 63rd annual golden globes ceremony on television. I was quite shocked that I didn’t know that this was even on tonight, considering I am usually very aware of what is happening as far as movies and entertainment, etc. But there it was, right there. I had to rub my eyes and watch for a few minutes just to discern that this was actually an original program, and not a re-run of some past show. As the show progressed, and the hundred celebrities each had their turn to talk about themselves and talk about their dresses and suits and talent and themselves, I suddenly found myself completely bored with the people that were so hypnotizing to me when I was younger.

Every celebrity was being treated like a god, as they all sat down in the main ballroom, and the ceremony began. But there was no excitement whatsoever. The tension that seems so visible on most nights was completely gone as Queen Latifah and other entertainers tried so desperately to rile up an audience of statues. Each face was less than bored, they were frozen. As the cameras panned around the room, the people that were so vibrant in front of the crowds and flashes suddenly were turned to stone, without any visible interest in what was occurring. Nominations and speeches occurred. Clooney made a quip about Jack Abramoff’s name in relation to a slang term for masturbation. And so on and so on. Nothing was memorable about the show, other than a three second shot of Jeffrey Katzenberg and a win by Paul Newman, everything else was just so uninteresting. This ceremony happens once a year, and for some reason, this felt so old. Everything about it was rehashed. Desperate Housewives, Lost, 24, House, they all just blur together to indifferent likeness.

I’m not sure why I’m feeling so cynical and saddened by such a trivial thing, but it just seems that I’ve lost something. I don’t feel the same way as I did about things like the Golden Globes. The narcissism of the celebrities in front of the thousand cameras seemed to be the only reason that they smiled. The movies and shows were just irrelevance. Maybe I’ve grown up or matured or something, but maybe this is something more. Since a few weeks ago, a lot of me has changed. My outlook on a lot of the things around me has changed. It’s like I just found a reason to know that a lot of this stuff just doesn’t matter as much as it seems. And we shouldn’t dignify it to anything more than it is. We have to understand that these small things belong down here, with us. We should not make them higher than we are.


Blogger Dan said...

"i come to america, i play a show in la, and afterwards these celebs come up to me and expet me to bow down, and people give me weird looks when i dont. they way celebirties are treated in america is mad, its fucking mad. its wrong, they are just people, if not lower than people, they arent gods."
-thom york

8:08 PM  
Blogger labottomme said...

great post. i know exactly what you mean.

plastic ppl living in their plastic world where the highest plasticity is rewarded.

12:04 PM  

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